The Transition Program



Upon completion of the Regeneration Program, entrance into the Transition Program is often the appropriate next step. This program provides the support women often need to make a successful transition back in to the community and reestablish family relationships. Many women enter the Regeneration Program indigent and without the skills to gain employment and develop financial independence. The Transition Program combines accountability with the development of life skills and careeer guidance. Each woman becomes empowered to move forward in her life and reach her transition goals. During this time the women continue to strengthen their relationship with God and maintain their recovery while adjusting to the demands of daily life.

While in the Transition Program, residents live in single family homes and receive one on one support in the development of a personalized transition plan and on-going guidance while working her plan to completion. Women learn to develop and follow a budget, build a savings account, gain basic banking knowledge, decide a career path, and determine what it will take to realize her goals. Resume building, interview skills, identifying job opportunities, and learning to handle on the job stress and relationship challenges are all part of the Transition Program. Residents also become aware of local resources available to them and how to access these resources as support for their transition.

While in the Regeneration Program the women gain physical, emotional and spiritual health and during the Transition Program, a priority is to maintain the progress gained. To accomplish this goal we support the women in seeking medical care and in continuing a healthy lifestyle including exercise and good nutrition. Women complete the program once they have accomplished their transition plan and laid a strong foundation for long-term stability and success.

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